The Case for City Camera Systems

More and more state and local governments are turning to security technology to help ensure public safety or improve operations. The following three headlines from this past week highlight how the surveillance cameras are being used.

Cameras to examine East Vandergrift sewer lines—Valley News Dispatch (Tarentum, Pa.) –2/2/10 

East Vandergrift is installing cameras to search for problems in the century-old sewer lines. In an effort to prevent polluting the Kiski River. the city is preparing a large project to separate the stormwater and sewage lines, which are currently combined.

At Hawthorne’s Eucalyptus Park, smile – you’re on camera – LA Times – 2/1/10

Police have installed four video cameras in Hawthorne’s Eucalyptus Park to monitor live feeds from the park’s 6.2 acres. One officer claims the camera system is the “most remarkable” thing he’s seen in his 27-year career. The city is looking to add cameras to three other parks.

W-B City unveils new security camera command center—The Citizens Voice (Wilkes-Barre, Pa.)—2/1/10 

This $2.1 million dollar project is funded by federal and state grants and includes a command center located in the police station to monitor the 50 public surveillance cameras the city recently installed.