Grants for Schools to Improve Emergency Management Plans

Schools across the country can now begin applying for 2010 Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools grants from the U.S. Department of Education.

The funds will be available for schools to develop, or review and improve, and fully integrate a campus-wide emergency management plan. Grants can also be used to train staff and students in emergency management procedures; coordinate plans with local and state agencies; plan for medical emergencies; prepare emergency protocols for those with disabilities; and create a plan aimed at preventing violence by assessing and addressing the mental health of students at risk of causing harm to self or others.

The average size of award for school districts varies by the number of campuses:

• $150,000 for a small-size districts (1-20 education facilities)

• $300,000 for a medium-size districts (21-75 education facilities)

• $600,000 for a large-size districts (76 or more education facilities)

The DOE estimates there will be about 96 awards. The deadline for submitting the grants, either electronically or in hard copy, is February 26, 2010.

Patrick Fiel, public safety advisor for ADT Security Services, said REMS grants are typically awarded to those applicants able to clearly demonstrate the greatest need.

“One of the best ways to show need is to complete a risk assessment by a qualified security expert that will clearly identify weaknesses in need of a remedy,” he said. “It’s not enough to simply ask for the money. The stronger, more complete applications win the awards.”

For more information on the REMS grant program visit the Department of Education Web site. More information on the program and application are available here. -- PSW Staff