Possibly the security industry's first music video?

Keith Jentoft heads up marketing for Videofied, a company that puts a PIR with with a motion detection camera and which can transmit video clips over cell radio format. The systems are often used both indoors and outdoors and are battery powered solutions, so they can be set up in temporary situations where you don't want to run power or low-voltage connection cables. He's been known to wear a massive costume dressed as a Videofied Camera PIR to tradeshows, something which happened after he lost a bet with his sales team. Now he's having even more fun, rewriting the lyrics to "Video Killed the Radio Star"  (a song by The Buggles which actually was the first music video ever shown on MTV) into "Video Killed the Blind PIR". The results are an enjoyable 3-1/2 minutes. Yeah, it's probably OK to sing along. Spike your hair and pretend you're back in the early 1980s playing keyboards in a new wave synth pop band if you really want to get in the mood for this song's rewrite.