Home alarm system scam artists

I saw a story this morning on Chattanoogan.com, a news website for the good people of Chattanooga, Tenn., about yet another door-to-door alarm scam. While home alarm scams tend to hit during the summer (because it gives more daylight hours to approach residents when homeowners are home after work), it's a good reminder that these scam artists can try to hit at any time in attempts to steal your customers (or worse, "case" your customers' homes!). According to the report, the scammers are preying on folks with legitimate alarm systems providers (the homeowner in this case had an ADT system), and trying to play themselves as representatives from the actual homeowner's alarm company when they were not affiliated with the actual monitoring provider.

There has been a lot of this going around for years unfortunately, and it's always a good time to remind your customers that these aren't tactics that your alarm company -- large or small -- does not use, and that your customers need to be aware of potential scams. Protect your customers from imposters! Feel free to post in the comments about how you've notified your customers, or email me a scan of an example letter you've used to warn your customers about scam artists. We'd be happy to post that up as an example. It's great to see a local news site raising this alert to their readership, too! Let's run the scammers out of town so they don't disrupt your legitimate businesses!