Perimeter security goes green

Earlier this week, Delta Scientific, a manufacturer of various perimeter security devices, announced that it is now offers over 50 solutions that can either be operated manually or with the help of FDA-approved vegetable oils. These "green" solutions include everything from hydraulic barriers and barricades to bollards and crash gates. 

According to David Dickinson, senior vice president for Delta Scientific, green solutions, specifically manual barriers, are not only beneficial to the environment, but also allow users to save money in the long run by not having to run electricity.

"Sometimes it costs more to run electrical power to where the barrier is than to actually buy the barrier," he said. 

Dickinson added that some of the company's manual beam barricades, which are designed to withstand the impact of a 15,000-pound truck, are currently being used by the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the fact that these barricades weigh up to 1,000 pounds, they can be easily operated by troops due to their simple design that uses a spring-loaded counterbalance to repeatedly move them in and out of place. According to Dickinson, these types of solutions are also popular for applications where access to a secure entry point is not needed on a regular basis.

For those markets that do require the assistance of electromechanical solutions, Delta Scientific is using vegetable oil help to reduce their carbon footprint. Rather than using traditional oil-based lubricants on these hydraulic systems, Dickinson said that there are many vegetable oils available that can be used in their place, thereby making the bollard or gate more Eco-friendly. 

Click here to see a  full list of green perimeter security solutions available from Delta Scientific.