How Britney Spears relates to airport security discretion

TMZ is humorously hammering on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners who let Britney Spears through a checkpoint carrying a "big gulp" cup of some soda beverage. With over 47,000 votes in on the issue (source: poll results on TMZ...

When a mistake does happen, the principle of COACH! is to understand what happened, why it happened, and what the key lessons are going forward. It's up to the individual to learn from mistakes and demonstrate progress and commitment. COACH! is aimed at LTSOs, supervisors, TSMs, AFSDs, and FSDs, and it is backed up by the personal commitment of TSA's top leadership.

Realistically, there will be disagreements about whether a mistake was the result of a reasonable decision or a byproduct of carelessness or inattention. Reflecting on a supervisor's judgment may be helpful in these situations. If a team member believes that they are being judged unfairly on the principles of ENGAGE!, he or she can turn to a mentor for guidance or participate in Model Workplace processes to address their concern.

PS: It is important to remember that the objective of ENGAGE! is not to do away with the SOP but to use it as a guide in a world where terrorists seek to find the gray areas not covered by the terms of the SOP.

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