Anixter Launches IP Cabling Life Cycle Program

Anixter Launches IP Cabling Life Cycle Program

Global provider Anixter, based in Glenview, Ill., launched a new distribution program aimed at getting systems integrators just the right cabling packages they need for their customers, now and in the future. Behind it all, a lot of testing and best in class practices developed at Anixter’s spectacular and state-of- the-art Infrastructure Solutions Lab. Now, the job at hand is to educate the installing public, but the way they’ve got the program set up and the support, training and education available seems to position Anixter as ready, willing and able.

Called Anixter ipAssured, the program focuses on the increased emphasis on the network—and making sure that infrastructure, and the security, industrial automation and other converged systems running on it and deployed now and over the next 10 years fit the needs of the user and the facility. The program is designed to make infrastructure choices clear and categorizes the options available based on application or end-use—which makes perfect sense and is the way things should be done. Anixter representatives launched ipAssured via a press Webinar rollout October 20, 2009.

The program centers on three different classes of cabling infrastructure. According to Anixter’s Tim Holloway, Category 5e has some inherent limitations, many associated with the size or gauge of the cable, so the company is focusing on Category 6 deployment. “What we have found overall in our Infrastructure Solutions Lab stress tests is that the problems stemming from the use of 5e are associated with the smaller gauge and result in temperature gain—even resulting in a 25 percent signal loss. Since IP is real time, any loss of data signal will affect the quality of the video signal. There are also pitfalls to using 5e with regards to Power over Ethernet. Bottom line is that a less than adequate cabling infrastructure can cause companies and end-users not to be able to grow their businesses. While 5e will support current applications, it’s at the end of its life,” Holloway said. The program basically defines the life cycle of IP cabling systems for customer enterprise networked applications and is divided into classes, based on the end-use or longevity of the solution and includes: IP Class 1+ (for one to five years); IP Class 5+ (for five to 10 years): and IP-Class 10+ (Cat 6A for 10 plus years).

A robust infrastructure is needed in the future, as more systems and services continue to merge, converge and integrate onto the network. According to Anixter, IP decision makers at corporations ‘get it’ and are willing to pay the extra costs in the infrastructure upfront so they can grow with it and Anixter is helping give systems integrators the tools they need to sell it. – Deborah L. O’Mara, editor, Security Dealer & Integrator magazine