Security is Good Business

Bryan, Texas

Too many people think of security as something that never makes money. They see it as something that just stops you from losing the money you already have. But that is not the way many business, organizations and government agencies are looking at it.

For many cities and local government investing in security has not only helped prevent losses from graffiti, petty theft and property crimes, it has also helped to make people feel safer and more secure. That perception of safety is invaluable and it can mean the difference between a thriving business district where shoppers come to spend money and one with little or no pedestrian traffic and boarded up shops.

We have discussed before the camera system recently installed in the small Texas town of Bryan. Bryan is located near College Station and Texas A&M University with more than 50,000 college students. Bryan’s downtown had lost some of it vibrancy and panhandlers and vagrants moved into the area as shops were closed and boarded up.

The city started a revitalization effort in 2000. The three- phased ongoing project will cost about $44 million when completed. At the same time the police department moved to put in a wireless mesh security system. The revitalization and security system have brought stores and businesses back to the downtown and citizens and shoppers have followed. Crime is down and sales are up, so the security system and the safety and security that it brings with it are money makers for the city.

Business people in many cities across the country are the biggest proponents of municipal security and public safety cameras. Here is a story about another town where business people are one of the catalysts for increased security.

-- PSW Staff