One More Redundancy

We recently talked to Mark Nelson, ADT’s manager of business development, about redundancy when it comes to mass communications systems.  He recommended sirens, computer-based text systems, outdoor voice speaker arrays and LED signage all used in combination to reach the maximum number of people with the most information during a crisis.

But now he adds that a campus or city also needs to integrate these emergency communications systems with other security technology – particularly camera systems.

Cameras allow law enforcement and other first responders to remotely view impacted areas.  This can be very helpful in emergencies requiring evacuations.  As Nelson points out, no agency would want to move people from one area to another that may prove to be even more dangerous.  And continuing on the theme of redundancy, he says that all emergency plans should have multiple evacuation sites dispersed over as wide an area as possible.

“The communications systems and cameras are all very valuable tools used by themselves, but used in combination they become far more effective in helping to save lives and property during an emergency situation,” says Nelson.

–– PSW Staff