Better City Management with Security Cameras


We are seeing more and more cities installing cameras to increase security and cut down on crime. As we have discussed, wireless technologies are making it easier to put up camera systems in remote areas where wired systems would be very costly. Municipalities can install cameras in parks, beaches and recreational areas that don’t have a lot of existing infrastructure.

But while security and crime may be the drivers for the technology, city officials are finding a lot more bottom-line benefits, especially at a time when many cities are struggling with shrinking budgets and fewer tax dollars. These municipal governments have discovered that the security infrastructure can help them to better manage resources and keep down costs.

One city doing just that is the Town of Oyster Bay on New York's Long Island.

Kimanne Saladino, a national accounts manager for ADT, has been working with the town for a few years. She has assisted the city in putting together systems for several facilities through the town. Cameras were recently installed at a remote beach, park and state-of-the-art indoor ice skating center.

Barry Bree, deputy commissioner of public safety for the town said that the cameras allow managers at the park to determine where resources are needed.

If a portion of the beach unexpectedly becomes more crowded municipal lifeguards can be sent to those areas. The city can ensure the safety of beach goers and effectively manage resources.

The cameras also help monitor traffic which is an issue facing many cities today. Cameras can help cities manage, quickly identify and remedy congestion and accidents.

Emergencies and natural disasters are issues for every city. Being prepared for the unexpected is difficult, but cameras from an existing security system can make it easier to keep people safer. Looking in on areas during an emergency is a way to identify possible damage and problems without sending city personnel into potentially hazardous situations.