The Kevin Rose Twitter alarm monitoring concept

I recently saw this video from Kevin Rose about how Twitter could be used for monitoring of home alarm systems , and it was further supported by industry analyst John Honovich , who said that except for a few reservations Kevin's idea "has merit...

Even sites like (which is the project that really put Kevin Rose on the map) seem to recognize the oversaturation of messages in today's connected world, so they have developed a system that lets users push stories to the top so others can see that these are the stories that are most important and most popular. But the difference is that if you don't see a Digg story, you don't have to really worry about anything, however, if your home is broken into, it's serious business.

I'm all for new thinking and reinvented methods of self-monitoring, but I think the model really is self-monitoring (using your iPhone to check your cameras when you get an alert) in addition to professional monitoring. Finally, there's nothing to stop an enterprising technologist from building a crowd-source monitoring system like the one Kevin espouses, and crowd-sourced monitoring and self-monitoring is better than nothing at all, so I shouldn't disparage his concept too much, but Kevin shouldn't think for a minute that this model would really replace the services that big monitoring companies offer.