UT San Antonio Goes Wireless

Cities and campuses across the country are turning to wireless mesh networks to transmit video surveillance data – often from places where a wired system might be very expensive or even impossible to install.

The University of Texas at San Antonio is an example.  When administrators recently built a 600-space parking lot about a quarter-mile from the university’s main campus they faced a challenge—securing one of the campus’ largest parking lots in one of its most remote locations.

To monitor security in the lot, UTSA chose a wireless mesh video system that campus police say has already helped solve several break-ins and auto theft cases.
Daniel Pena, UTSA assistant police chief said, “We chose the wireless mesh system because it is a reliable, effective way to get data from a far-away area without the cost and environmental impact of trenching associated with a wired system.”

Pena said his officers and security integrator ADT have worked with the system, making adjustments to camera positions and the overall security strategy. 

The wireless cameras let the security team capture video as cars come and go from the lot. The team looks for suspicious activity: cars circling past open spaces and people lingering near parked vehicles. If suspicious activity is identified, officers can zoom in and capture license plate numbers of cars entering and exiting the lot. The cameras have also helped campus police identify suspects.

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-- PSW Staff