Hollywood gets keen on security guards

So, 2009 must be the year of the mall security guard in Hollywood.

First, in mid-January there was Paul Blart Mall Cop, a movie starring Kevin James as a mall security guard who has to defend his mall against a criminal onslaught. You can read Liz Martinez's loss-prevention-focused review of this movie if you didn't see it.

Now, you have Observe & Report, which opens this week. It's the story of the head of security (played by Seth Rogen) at the Forest Ridge Mall shopping center who has to deal with a flasher and the disdain of the police. Look for a review soon from Martinez on this one.  AP reviewer Christy Lamire panned the movie, but our reviewer doesn't examine movies from purely a box office perspective; she instead looks for relevance for the security and law enforcement industry.

Finally, we also hear that Fox is working on a TV show called "Walorsky", also about a mall security guard in Buffalo, N.Y. The Hollywood Reporter says the project has been pushed back because the lead actor hasn't been found yet.

If mall security isn't your thing, and you like a character with government security training experience accustomed to dealing with hostage situations and international criminals, you should check out Taken (starring Liam Neeson). Or if you prefer a corporate espionage drama with a mixing of love-comedy, you'll spend  your popcorn money on Duplicity (Julia Roberts and Clive Owen).