Business preparedness not just about technology

Our friend, mentor and blogger Curtis Baillie ( Security2LP blog ), wrote a great blog post recently on the topic of crisis management operations, and I was thinking of his work when I received a press release from , a discount...

I also suggest you read a piece we published years ago by William Comtois and Tom Abruzzo called "Business Continuity Planning 101", which is an excellent introduction to business continuity planning. After that, you might point you way over to the ASIS bookstore, which has one of the finest collection of books on business continuity and disaster preparedness you can find. Be prepared to drop the cash; these specialty books aren't cheap, but neither is the value of your business.

Above all, realize that while security systems can be an effective part of business preparedness, they are not end-all-be-all, and that what is more important is to have a plan and a team ready to put that plan in action.