Backscatter scanners get cold shoulder

Interesting story about EU opposition to backscatter scanners. These are the scanners that essentially can see through clothes and see the body underneath (linked article has a good example, and it's safe for work). The machines create all sorts of privacy issues, and although they are said to be highly effective for security threat scans at locations like airports, the whole "naked" issue really hasn't settled down. I suspect that issue eventually will settle down, but it will take a while. Even as a proponent of security, I'm a bit apprehensive about some TSA security guard using this on me, because I bet it wouldn't be long before nude backscatter photos of travelers start showing up on the "Am I Hot Or Not?" website. Yes, privacy still matters.

Read the story out of Germany published by Deutsche Welle: EU Seeks Buyers for Unwanted Security "Nude Scanners".