Are You Telling the Truth?

Are you selling, and telling, the truth? Integrators need to be honest about what they are providing in terms of service and value. The end-user doesn’t want all the details, but they do want to know the system specified by the integrator will accomplish what it intended. So that’s how the integrator or VAR has to proceed. They have to talk to the customer, walk through the business, assess what’s there and what can be used; provide an open and honest commitment in the bid. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir and I hope that’s the case.  I think you will all agree that there’s no better way to burn a customer quickly when you deploy a system that causes a ton of problems with false alarms, lack of connectivity, etc.  And you’ll probably agree that  a satisfied customer is the best kind—and will lead to repeat business and new customers through word of mouth—easier (and less expensive) than any other type of cold-calling or marketing for new accounts.

– Deborah O’Mara