Secure Your Holiday Profits - Don’t get taken during the giving season

I'm frequently contacted by the media for comment on the reported increase in retail theft. More so lately due to the economic downturn. The surge in shoplifting is a global problem and retailers are looking for ways to secure their profits.

I was first commissioned to write the following article for New Age Retailer. It was re-published by SecurityInfoWatch in December, 2007. The message is still fresh and pertinent for this time of the year.

 Secure your Holiday retail profits. Essential tips on how to avoid being taken during the giving season. ~

The bulk of retail sales occur during the last two months of the year, creating a chaotic scene perfect for the less than honest. While retailers battle crimes such as shoplifting, employee theft, ID theft, returns fraud, gift card fraud, and organized retail theft, offenders tend to increase their efforts during the busy holiday season.

According to the 2005 National Retail Security Survey, produced by Dr. Richard Hollinger at the University of Florida, shoplifters account for 32.8 percent of your overall shrink dollar. That’s a big chunk of change! Fortunately, savvy owners can learn to recognize potential threats and nip them in the bud before a crime is committed. Read the entire article.

Curtis Baillie - Security Consulting Strategies, LLC