ISC East 2008: Day 1 photos

I broke out the camera today as I walked the show floors. Here are some of the pics I captured.... 

Citadel Security at ISC East entrance

Before you enter the show, you're going to go through some turnstiles (not sure why they're there, but they do fit the look of security), and you'll see friendly faces of Citadel Security Agency, which is doing show security during ISC East 2008. Nice folks.  Show 'em your badge...

Show traffic at ISC East

I said in another report that I felt that the show's traffic was quite good. Here's a photo as evidence.

BioDefense Corporation MailDefender

Shaun Lennert stands beside BioDefense Corporation's MailDefender. He tells me that the unit can purify 3 lbs. of mail in 45 minutes of such things as ricin, anthrax, smallpox and other such pestulences.

iControl for iPhone

Greg Roberts from iControl. These guys really seem pretty well locked on the consumer market and are fast adding solutions to make consumer interaction with thermostats, lights, security systems and video cameras even easier. Here he shows their iPhone application for controlling your alarm system and video cameras.

System Sensor’s David George discusses carbon monoxide legislation

System Sensor held a press conference, and to be honest, it was one of the better ones I've been to in a while. Their presentation on states with pending or existing carbon monoxide legislation was a breath of fresh air after you've been covering new products all morning. They've got some good info on their website at -- it's more than just their products, you'll find some information on legislation affecting the CO market.

System Sensor Innovair duct smoke detector

While there with System Sensor, Jackie Lorenty showcased the newest generation of their Innovair duct smoke detector. Here she shows how the model can be installed quickly and allows for a folded form factor to reduce space.

ADI booth - packed as ever

A hot car was the backdrop to hot business meetings with the reseller community at ADI's booth.

Mikoh tag on a Pelican case

Mikoh's unique tag and RFID system for securing Pelican cases, which you could use to ship and transport high-end equipment.

More busy aisles at ISC East

And, as I said again, the show is busy. Here's a pic from late in the day; the show was still drawing 'em in.