Convergence is everywhere

Even in journalism and mass communication we’re talking about converging with all types of media. The medium truly is the message.  I was struck by a book offered through the Oxford University Press titled “Understanding Media Convergence.† Billed as the only reader available in convergent journalism (why does that not surprise me?) the reviewer wrote the following: “On our contemporary media landscape, the potential of the written word is limitless. Repurposing print journalism for the Internet and beyond, convergent journalism invigorates and transforms how we create and experience media.†Wow. Integration and convergence in security is not just happening, it’s here.  One of my sources for a recent story told me we need a comprehensive single platform open protocol standard for convergence to really take off. I’m urging all manufacturers of all types of devices and systems to get together and talk about a solution.  If we don’t do it, someone outside the industry certainly will.