ASIS 2008 - pre-show photos

Nothing to see here, really, but some sneak peek shots inside the tradeshow floor. Watch out for the forklifts and the union guys rolling in the yellow carts. Everyone's hooking up cameras, access control panels, bomb detection systems, rolling out the carpet, and trying to find that one wrench they need to bolt together the booth... Alas, here's the peak at what's unfolding at the Georgia World Congress Center this week in Atlanta, Ga., for the ASIS International 2008 Seminars & Exhibits.

-Vicon Booth

Above: Already by 3 p.m., some of the complex booths were close to finished. Shown: Vicon's stand at the ASIS 2008 exhibits.

Boxes and crates line the messy floors in the last-minute rush to build the ASIS tradeshow booths

Above: Crates and boxes pack the aisles; they've been shipped from around the world with expensive camera and access control technologies (and a whole lot more). Don't even think of trying to head down this aisle until the guys clean it up.

Pelco Sarix booth

Above: A sneak peek at Pelco's booth. They're unveiling the Sarix surveillance technology. Highlights include new imaging capabilities, possibilities of embedded analytics, different architectures and more. Check them out; we will!

ASIS 2008 at Georgia World Congress Center

Above: The first thing you're going to notice about the Georgia World Congress Center is that there are more levels than you can shake a stick at. Ever read Dante's Divine Comedy? Think about Virgil guiding Dante as they descend through the nine levels of hell and you start to get an idea. Fortunately, it's not hell. After all, there are escalators. Lots of them. Exhibitors are at the bottom. Registration is at the top. Purgatory (oops, I meant to say the educational sessions) are somewhere in between. and the Cygnus Security team are in booth 1042. Come say hello; propose an article, drop off your card, check out the site. We promise not to bombard you with ink pens and marketing materials (unless you want them).