Video Games

Yesterday I came across an SIW article saying rumors are swirling around IBM possibly acquiring Verint. Time will tell if this becomes a reality, but it got me to thinking once again about convergence in the security industry, especially when it comes to IT big boys like Cisco, IBM, and others.

We are undoubtedly in an era where technologies are converging in the security industry at an unprecedented pace with major ramifications for all involved.  Yes, we know that "everything is going onto the network," and ultimately the network will be wireless at the user level.  However, which companies will settle into the driver's seat and which will become--for lack of a better phrase--road kill?

It's fascinating to think about, but like they say, the future isn't what it used to be.  Some of the industry's changes are already taking place, and some technologies will be upon us much faster than anticipated whereas others will take longer.  Some will never pan out, and some will come out of absolutely nowhere to take the industry by storm.

One thing that has become clear is the demand for video analytics.  Consumers are starting to demand it and the manufacturers have shown an increasing willingness to supply it.  Currently, there are many manufacturers battling for video analytics supremacy; and I remember ADT this past August saying that its keeping a sharp eye out to see which video analytics technologies bubble to the top.  I'm sure other companies (and governments) are doing the same. 

For all the latest developments in video analytics, keep your station tuned right here to the synergy of the Cygnus Security Group.  We'll keep you in the loop.