Dems Now Get A Shot At Screwing Up The Works

My wife accuses me of being a Republican when it comes to politics. Of course she has mistakenly taken my fiscal conservatism to mean I support the present regime in Washington. If she had checked my Georgia ballot card in yesterday's election booth she would have seen it was almost straight-lined Libertarian. I'm sure I share the opinion of many tired Americans who have grown weary of the partisan politics and total lack of concern of today's elected officials for the public they serve.

OK, so the Democrats have ousted the Republicans in both the House and Senate. What does that mean for the country? Probably not much. We have just seen the most do-nothing Congress in the history of this country accomplish little more than embarass themselves in the media with mudslinging campaign messages to either save their sorry jobs or earn one. How far have we fallen as a nation. As we send men to the Middle East to fight an invisible enemy, our politicians spend more time worrying about who knew what when regarding Mark Foley's sexual fantasies than the cost of the war.

Now that the Dems have their victory, which was only made sweeter today with the announcement of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. They have an apparent mandate from its citizens. Will Congress get off their hindquarters and DO SOMETHING??!! Let's hope and pray for the sake of our troops and our country that the new party in power takes the high road and really tries to accomplish more than setting the table for the 2008 election.

The ball is in your court Democrats. You've moaned and groaned the last 10 years you didn't have the steering wheel, and now you do. Make the most of it.