Wanna be invisible?

Scientists at Duke University report that early experiments indicate that it will one day be possible to "cloak" objects (make them invisible).  Of course, time will tell, but I still think it's an interesting topic.  You can read about it here.

Here's a clip from the USA Today article, "A prototype so far only hides objects from microwaves, not from visible light, so the human eye can still see the objects. But scientists say it shows the technology is feasible.

Here's how it works: Electromagnetic waves scatter and reflect when they strike objects, and the eye picks up this reflection to see. The new technology relies on materials that theoretically can bend electromagnetic waves, including visible light, around objects as if nothing were there."

It's hard to fathom all the applications a technology such as this could have.  The impact it would have on the security industry could be rather significant.  Fortunately, we probably don't have to worry about it for many, many years.  (And furthermore, the scientists speculate that if you couldn't see the object, then it couldn't see you either, unlike in the movies where the "invisible" person is able to see everyone else just fine.)