Defragging the industry

I spoke this morning with Steve Collen, the director of product marketing for Cisco. One of the things Steve and I spoke about was about "defragging the industry."

Defragging is a term that computers use may know... it refers to the process of defragmenting a hard drive such that data storage is used optimally. The end result is that your hard drive spins to the data point in less time and space can be freed up.

 Cisco's Collen and I were talking about how Cisco has between 60 and 80 percent of the networking solutions market, and how the physical security industry could use some of this defragging. One thing's for sure, Cisco is not a sleeping giant in our industry. I anticipate some big news out of Cisco around ASIS...they were kind of quiet at ISC West, but Collen says not to expect that in the future. The company is poised to shake things up.