Enter the blogosphere

As a journalist, I've always been a bit perplexed by the idea of a blog. In the world of media, we called such things "columns" and we wrote them to fill the blank spots on the editorial pages of newspapers...but today, with the Internet's changes, even a regular column doesn't quite suffice to fill the need for informal writing where you can swing an axe at a variety of topics, have your thoughts up in 2 seconds, share comments with other readers, and accept the dose of criticism you've earned when your opinions aren't shared by everyone.

So at long last, I've realized that it's time to start blogging on the topic that I cover as editor of SecurityInfoWatch.com. That said, I welcome you to "The Security Check" -- and this will be my place to juggle thoughts on security breaches, new technologies, industry news, discussions I've had and a whole lot more.

 A little about myself: I've been covering the security industry for over two years now, writing to an audience of alarm companies, security directors, product manufacturers and systems integrators. I get about every press release on security known to man. I came over from a background that included managing a magazine dealing with residential home construction and technology, and I'm an avid electronics geek who has built a couple computers and who likes playing with IP cameras.

I feel 10 years younger already just because I have a blog, and with that, I want to sign off my first post as I welcome you to portion of my brain that deals with security topics.