Look, LukWerks works!

So a few months ago Gale Johnson, editor in chief of Locksmith Ledger, invited me into our conference room to see a demo of WiLife Inc.'s LukWerks (pronounced "look works") Digital Video Surveillance System.  Evan Tree, president of WiLife, and Mark Fredrickson, director of corporate communications, set up the system for us rather easily.  In less than 15 minutes, they had four cameras in various places around our office sending live footage to their laptop on the conference room table.  They then proceeded to show us how the software could manipulate the video (for viewing, recording, and editing).  Everything seemed to go smoothly, except for when Tree's cell phone had zero bars of coverage and he couldn't show us how remote viewing worked.  However, that wasn't LukWerks' fault and eventually we were able to see some pretty good LukWerks video on his cell.

I've since spoken with some security dealers about this product.  You can read the article here on SIW.