New Digs

I had the opportunity earlier this week to visit the new facilities of both North American Video and ADI in Las Vegas.

Herb Albinus and Gina deCesare gave us a very informative tour of their new ADI distribution center. With me being new to the industry, I didn't know what to expect. However, upon walking into this distribution center for the first time, I was struck by its organization. The products were visibly labeled, conveniently categorized, and well placed.

NAV had a nice reception at their new place (which was so new that they had only begun to move in last week and were still putting pictures up on the wall). Ron and Cyndi Freschi were kind enough to give us a tour. I'm really glad that I got to meet them and tour their impressive new facility. (I found their video testing room to be especially interesting.)


P.S. I got to spend some time at the Wynn Hotel on Tuesday night. I learned that the hotel is pretty new (has only been around about a year) and costs $400+/night to stay. Guess who runs their surveillance? That's right, NAV.

P.P.S. Herb (ADI's corporate national merchandiser) insists that he knows me from somewhere, so I asked him if he's ever spent much time in either Illinois or Ohio. He says he used to live in Cincinnati about the same time I was in Vandalia (which aren't that far apart in Ohio), so now I'm curious. Anyway, Herb says he'll get back to me if he can specifically recall where he thinks he remembers me from.