IFSEC in photos: Day 3

Day 3 in photos -- IFSEC 2008... It was a great day of meetings, and I'm always surprised by the number of companies that are strong in Europe but which aren't pushing their wares in the U.S. According to a lot of companies, that's because of the expense of getting UL listed. I suspect part of the matter is that there's a lot of business to be done in Europe that some aren't scaled to take advantage of the U.S. market.

Traffic was a touch quieter on the show floor today, but yesterday was so strong that I'm not sure it mattered. Simon Parker, group director for CMP (which puts on IFSEC), said Tuesday's traffic was quite good (they scan the attendees as you come and go from the halls to get a good count on traffic).

Well, let's get to the photos...

Basler IP megapixel surveillance camera
Basler entered the security market here at the IFSEC show with their IP cameras. It's hard to get the scale in this photo, but this is a camera about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and it's packed with 1200x1600 resolution. Construction seems quite on these, and Basler comes out of the advanced imaging/machine vision industry, so they've already had plenty of time to get quality of their products dialed in. It's a nice welcome to the industry...

IED jamming system

One of the stands I was most impressed with was Surveillance Consulting Group's IED jamming system, show here mounted in a mobile configuration.

Raytec IP infrared surveillance video lighting system

One of the hottest products on display at IFSEC has to be this incredibly ingenious little system from infrared lighting company Raytec. It's a small infrared lighting system designed to enable night vision for surveillance cameras, and it's powered entirely over IP lines using Power over Ethernet. You're seeing the power supply, PoE "switch" and infrared units here.

LG products display

Stunning displays at LG's booth -- not a name you see often in the U.S. associated with video security.

Sony IPELA megapixel surveillance cameras

Sony was showcasing its megapixel line of IPELA cameras. They have a huge promotion going on here at the show with "Go Mega" plastered everywhere.

Sony surveillance camera demonstration

Also at the Sony booth, a camera demonstration to show analytics and motion capture. The design levels of the "big boys" booths here is incredible.

IFSEC booth attractions

And finally, our traditional pic of the IFSEC booth attractions. One more day of IFSEC before we head back stateside.