Fishing around in a roomful of sharks…

 As the newest addition to the team of Security Dealer & Integrator magazine, I am realizing just how big an industry the security market is. In the past month as assistant editor of SD&I, my main focus, besides the essential editorial tasks that need to be done, has been in researching the industry and understanding the terminology that my surrounding peers toss back and forth amonst each other. Don't get me wrong-coming from a background of writing about industrial topics, as in the cranes and lifts we see on the roads during construction workzones, I came onboard with an understanding and skill-set in technical writing. But lets face it, cranes and lifts are definitely not in the same boat as CCTV systems, open-platform software and wireless technology. The ironic part about this whole transition? I am a former security guard who now is the one writing about the industry that I have partly experienced.

In the past month, I have already had the opportunity to write a story for our September issue on security guard services. With the end of the year closing in on us, I am already working on some upcoming stories for our October, November and December issues that I am hoping will give you more insight as to what new updates and happenings are occuring in the security industry.

In signing off on my first blog post, I welcome you to contact me with your ideas and suggestions as I create a place for myself amongst you experts in this market.

Thank you!

~ Natalia Kosk ~