Even more security blogs

We've previously made mention of blogs in our industry. I just want to point to five blogs you can check out when you have too much time on your hands (and who doesn't, right? OK, that's satire...):

  • Our friend Steve Hunt is an analyst and general industry rabble-rouser. He's also got some sharp insights into the world of vendors and hot technologies. Go to http://www.securitydreamer.com/
  • Bruce Schneier is THE MAN when it comes to all things encryption. If you want to geek out on encryption or enjoy his lively commentary, get yourself over to http://www.schneier.com/blog/
  • I had mentioned before that Frank DeFina (Panasonic Systems Solutions President) has a blog, but that post has been buried in the archives. Frank's blog can be reached at http://blog.panasonic.com/frank/
  • I just learned at ISC West that Dr. Bob (last name Banerjee, for those of you outside of the Bosch Security loop) is blogging -- mainly about video surveillance. It's good to have another familiar name in the security industry blogosphere. Go here: http://blog.boschsecurity.us/
  • And although we mentioned it before on the main news site, I want to repeat to you all again that our friend Curtis Baillie, a security consultant from Pennsylvania and general retail loss prevention whiz, is now blogging for SIW: http://www.securityinfowatch.com/blog/category/security2lp/