RMR in residential video surveillance

Napco iSee video on CNBC

CNBC's Power Lunch news program featured Napco CEO Richard Soloway and the company's iSee Video offering on its "One Good Idea" segment on Tuesday afternoon, April 8th.

Napco iSee video on CNBCNapco iSee video on CNBCSoloway joined CNBC's Bill Griffeth for the lunchtime program to talk about enabling video surveillance in residential environments. The 2-1/2 minute program showcased how video surveillance could be an additional source of RMR for dealers, and pointed out how low the costs have gone for this kind of technology solution. Soloway's solution, he said, would start at about $500 for the technology installed, and then from $10 per month for service that would connect users remotely to the live video.

The solution can push video to PDAs, phones and other mobile devices; in fact, the ubiquitous iPhone was the solution shown on the CNBC segment. The goal is while the customers see video, your security business sees RMR. Our take? Thumbs up for creating another potential revenue stream for security dealers.

Check out the video of Soloway on CNBC: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=706138627