Even more pics from ISC West ‘08

The camera didn't get much more use today, but I did manage to click away at some interesting technologies. Overall,  the feel from ISC West is that the show is about as big as it can realistically be for most people to still get value out of it. Sure, there are bigger shows, but they often have bigger boooths, rathn than scores of 10'x10' exhibits. We're pretty amazed at the breadth of technology at ISC West -- this is the kind of show where you can find a booth on wire snakes for pulling low-voltage cables and also find a platform truck loaded with high-end camera solutions that could be used for border patrol or temporary surveillance a national security event. Well, onto the photos...

Privaris PlusID

Above: Privaris PlusID units -- the unit on the right is the PlusID 75, which includes an RSA one-time password unit (the screen show on it) as well as Bluetooth wireless communications.

Ionit booth - Striking Viking

Above: Ionit's booth had a full-size pool table and billiards hot shot Ewa Mataya Laurance (The Striking Viking) showing off trick shots.

ISC West show aisle

Above: Fast company in the aisles of the ISC West tradeshow floor

AMX and Brivo integration

Above: Brivo was showing how the company's access control solutions integrated directly to AMX automation controls.

Samsung GVI Security

 Above Samsung GVI Security' s Duncan Havlin shows the firms three new IP cameas and new video management software.