Catching the “Train”

Last summer I saw an ad for a local security technician class and figured it would be worthwhile to check out. However, when I called to sign up, I was informed that the class had been canceled.  They needed a minimum of 15 students, and I only would have been #3.

Admittedly, I was quite surprised.  Not because the class was canceled, but because it didn't even come close to getting launched.  Only three people were interested? 

Ever since then I've come to have a greater appreciation for how difficult it can be for an organization to offer training and get the word out, as well as for technicians to find the time to attend it.  In theory it might sound easy, but in practice it is not.  

In the February issue of Security Dealer & Integrator I interviewed many distributors which actually offer training to security installation professionals around the country. 

Bob Gartland, president, AVAD, was one of the people who agreed to be interviewed. He noted that AVAD offers training to security dealers at 38 locations around North America, and he doesn't think dealers fully realize the opportunities being afforded them by local distributors. One example he cited was the potential for security dealers to move into the installed entertainment side of the business. "(Security dealers) have the client relationships, and AVAD can teach them how to be in the (installed entertainment) business," said Gartland.

Mary Hester, outside sales manager, JLM Wholesale, added, "I recommend always letting your distributor know that you want more in-depth training on a product or application.  A good distributor will be able to meet your training needs."

If you're interested in learning more about what type of training could be available to you from your distributors, then check out the February issue of SD&I.