The “Lighter Side” of Shoplifting

There was an article making the rounds last July about a "shoplifting" seagull named Sam. Here's an account of the wayward bird's flyby operations .. Russia Today.

This article reminded me of the time I lived in the San Diego area and was visiting Sea World with my family. It was time for lunch and we were seated in a covered pavillion when a seagull suddenly swooped from nowhere and grabbed a hamburger out of a small boy's hand. The boy, obviously startled, started crying, but was quickly silenced when a new burger was delivered by an attendent in the food court.

There's also a story about a shoplifting squirrel in the U.K. I'm on my way to track that one down. Just thought I'd share.

Have a productive day.

Curtis Baillie, Princiipal Consultant - Security Consulting Strategies LLC