Bright idea for security product vendors?

Ok, a few things we know about electronic security products...

1. They all reach a point at which they are outdated.
2. Security products are less likely to be updated than traditional business electronic products like copiers and PCs.
3. Most business don't see much of a financial reason to replace their existing security devices (sensors, cameras, etc.) if those devices still function (no matter how crippled those devices might be).
4. Most electronic products features a full array of heavy metals, which means you shouldn't just throw them in the trash.
5. Keeping current with technology has its own benefits (no one has to keep that Windows 95 machine running; new technology more likely to be compatible with upgrades, integration, better ability to monitor and respond swiftly, etc.)

So, does that mean we are ripe for a company like TechForward or ecoNEW to come in? The idea on these companies is you get money back for trading in your old electronics, and they go out and resell/reuse/recycle the equipment. The goal is to 1) drive new technology sales and 2) keep nasty electronics (where you'll find all manners of ugly heavy metals that can pollute water supplies) out of landfills.

My take: Such a company could probably do well for the foreseeable future in the security industry, as major market changes like a push for integration, the advent of networked security products (IP cameras, NVRs) and other market factors drive the move to replace legacy equipment.

Just think of all the old VHS tape recorders that could have been recycled when the DVR started to become so popular...