A Movie from Surveillance Cams

Look: The Movie

It's a interesting idea -- one that I teased briefly on this blog some time ago. Adam Rifkin's move "Look" opens on Dec. 14, and it's one that I can't wait to see.

So, here's the premise: A movie that is shot entirely from the angles that surveillance cameras use. A camera in the corner of the office, one behind the cash register, the one at your ATM: these are the kind of angles that Rifkin puts his movie's cameras, even using lens arrangements to give the type of footage you're accustomed to seeing from these cameras.

The flick apparently has no big-name stars (following the premise, I suppose, that you and I and everyone else are the daily stars of video surveillance) and the core supposition of the movies is that "when you think you're alone, maybe you're not." Is there a critique of surveillance systems in this movie? Or perhaps a real examination of where cameras belong and where they don't? I don't know; we're going to have to wait a couple days and find out (Keep in mind this is a limited release, starting in New York and Los Angeles, and then heading to Chicago on Dec. 21.).  

If you want to watch the movie trailers, go here, or just go to the main site for "Look: The Movie" and read up.