How do you define convergence?

I was on an analyst call recently about "security convergence" and the analyst basically defined security convergence as the adoption of TCP/IP-based security technology (network cameras, web-based access control). That's one way to define security convergence, but there are a number of other ways to write it out before sliding it into Merriam-Webster's heavy book:

• Define it by departments: Security convergence is the merging of the IT department's security concerns with those of the physical security department.

• Define it by business goals: Security convergence is the alignment of security with an organization's business goals and needs. 

• Define it by inter-linking: Security convergence is the integration of varied technologies so they talk to each other.

• Define it by TCP/IP (as the analyst did): Security convergence is about putting security devices on the network.

All these different definitions work, depending on which angle you're coming from. If you're an analyst who sells reports to vendors, they want to think of convergence from a product perspective, as either defined by integration or migration to TCP/IP. If you're a CSO or an IT director, then you define it by the former two (business goals and departmental organization).

How do you define security convergence in your business area? Tell us via the comments box.