Renters get robbed too

Admittedly, when I think about "residential" security systems I picture a house on a green lawn with a sticker in the front window letting the world know that it is protected.  And honestly, there's a good reason I have this "picture" in my head.  It's what I'm used to seeing.  After all, I haven't seen too many burglar alarms in apartments. 

Back when my mom was single and living in New York City, she had her apartment burglarized while she was on a business trip.  When she got back and discovered that a break-in had occurred, she had the police come out to file a report.  While there, the police let her know that the criminal(s) would likely be back because there was easy access to her window (from an adjacent roof) and she had left her travel schedule on the refrigerator so they would know when she would be away. 

My mom's solution back then?  Move to a different apartment.

But things are changing today and more security solutions are being offered for apartment dwellers.  A few weeks ago I was on the phone with Tony Dohrmann, CEO and founder of LaserShield, which sells an alarm solution both to dealers and direct (in Home Depot, CompUSA, Sears, etc.) Dohrmann wants his solution to be as simple as possible for users to buy, install (just plug it in), and secure their home.  One niche that he's really targeting is renters because they're currently underserved when it comes to burglar alarm systems, despite the fact that they're robbed more often than homes.

On SIW earlier this week I learned that ADT is also aggressively pursuing the renters' market.  They have teamed up with Multibrand Corporation, which will market ADT's security solutions to its renters and owners of apartment units.

As burglar alarms become more efficient and mobile, we're going to see them pop up in more and more places.  For now, I'm glad to see reinforcements on the way for the renters.