ASIS International 2007 in Photos

Photos from the cameras of the Cygnus Security Group (, Security Dealer, Security Technology & Design):



StealthWear had this interesting set-up for covert surveillance. Instead of looking "secret service" with a coiled wire going into your ear, you can do surveillance and operations and still look like any other guy walking around with a bluetooth headset, chatting mindless while seemingly slurping down a 32 oz. Coke (which is actually your transmitter and push-to-talk controller). Pretty ingenious.

ASIS 2007 show floor

More from the ASIS 2007 exhibits hall

A couple photos from the show floor, in case you were wondering what color the carpet was. Traffic was busy and the seminar rooms were easy to get to from the exhibits. 

Segway's security model

Segway is out with a security-specific model. This guy was showing off the capabilities, doing jumps and just all-around having fun demonstrating the strengths of these gyroscopic machines.

Vince and Ron

Ron Freschi (North American Video) and Vince Galdi (LRG) catch up after a long day on the show floor.

Red X Defense visitor station

Looks like a visitor's station, right? They don't know they're being tested for chemical residue to indicate the presence of explosives by Red X Defense.

Privaris multi-format card design

Privaris is developing this unique badgeholder that can convert standard card formats into the new FIPS 201 standard format. It embeds a biometric fingerprint scanner.

NAV CCTV rack wiring

Installers and cable pullers, does this make your heart flutter? Exceptionally tidy cable routing courtesy of North American Video for a casino project they're working on.

NASCO award recipients

NASCO presented its awards on Tuesday morning. In the center wearing a blue shirt is Tim, an officer with U.S. Security Associates who managed to save the life of an employee at a U.S. Steel facility when a drastic accident occurred. I know there's a push to replace officers with technologies in some businesses, but can your cameras climb out onto a steel frame nine stories in the air and apply first aid to a man who's dying?

John Petze, Privaris

John Petze shows how easy it is to enroll into Privaris PlusID multi-format biometric fob.

ST&D Magazine Innovation Award Winner

Frank Dale, manager of physical security for Loyola University (and ST&D cover model), was on hand to accept the ST&D magazine 2007 Innovation Award. Pictured also are Paul Rothman (managing editor, center) and Steve Lasky (publisher/editor-in-chief, right).

ST&D Innovation Award - winning team

The Loyola University/IQinVision team on hand to accept the Innovation Award.

ST&D Innovation Award DVtel

Eli Gorovici (left), president and CEO of DVTel, receives his ST&D Innovation Award from the ST&D team.

HSM booth

HSM (now part of Stanley) always does unique booths. This time they went with a James Bond theme; after all, what security guy can say no to a girl with a gun?

NAV Tour

Your very own blogger shares a laugh with North American Video's Cyndi Freschi while checking out the integrator's Las Vegas facility.


Now this is why I love the ASIS show -- because you can see the highest of high-tech integrated security systems that can take 2 hours to understand half the features and integration possibilities, and then you can walk a couple aisles away and see an exhibit of some darn good flashlights that have one feature: They point light into dark places. And both the high-tech and the low-tech are equally vital to security.


New editor of Security Dealer, Deborah O'Mara (left), catches up with DMP's Melissa Pitfield.

GE Security Dean Seavers

New GE Security President Dean Seavers gives an overview to the press about GE Security's direction in the marketplace.

Security Command Center Display

A stunning video display for comamnd control centers; I think this one came from Hitachi.

Bioscrypt PIV station

Bioscrypt's PIV-station is designed to meet the needs of FIPS 201-compliant PIN, card and biometric stations.

Aventura Technologies

Ok, if the technology eye-candy wasn't enough for you, then you should have gone by Aventura Technologies' booth. While you were there, we hope you paid attention to the H.264 codec DVRs.