Windy City Wild!

So this past Friday I made it over to Bolingbrook, Ill., for the grand opening of Windy City Wire's new headquarters. The company threw a huge party extravaganza with entertainment that included rock bands, exotic animals, and Chicago's very own Luvabulls. There were also 20 vendors on hand, making for a mini-tradeshow inside the warehouse. I was definitely surprised by the size and scope of the event. Windy City Wire spared no expense on their "Windy City Wild" party.


Here's the front of WCW's headquarters before the party really got rockin'.


What's a security get-together without the blue Pelco truck?

There were some unusual pets on display, including a crocodile, a giant turtle, and the above yellow snake. Looks like this Windy City Wire employee is getting more than she bargained for. ("Yikes, this guy really is a snake!")


Windy City Wire's warehouse has plenty of room for the company's expected growth. Inside is where vendors set up camp for hundreds of attendees.

Some guys get all the luck.


Windy City Wire's Lauryn Toczylowski (front left) and Stephanie Richter (center) get to hang with the band, ".38 Special."


Wake up. Party. Rock 'n Roll. Repeat.

Whew! A lot went on at Windy City Wire's party; and who knows, there could be a sequel next year...