Photos from IFSEC 2007 - Day 3

Day 2 photos of IFSEC 2007 from Security Dealer’s Peter Harlick . (Click to enlarge photos.) Read the text of his report from Day 3 here.  See they Day 1 report here and the Day 2 report here.


Adam Stroud of Paxton Access with their Net 2 Nano at IFSEC 2007
Adam Stroud of Paxton Access showcasing the Net 2 Nano

Adam Strout of Paxton Access with the compay's Easyprox system at IFSEC 2007
Stroud demonstrating the integrated prox/lock combo called EasyProx

TXI's spherical, 360-degree view camera at IFSEC 2007
TXI's immersive imaging unit provides a 360-degree view and has been used for surveillance by police/defense officers in crowds, and in use on Humvees in the Sand Box.

Pelco's Esprit 'dancing surveillance cameras' display at IFSEC 2007
Pelco was showing its Esprit PTZ surveillance camera systems with a cool choreographed "dance".

Michael Mikaelian, Margie Gobler and John Taylor of STI at IFSEC 2007
Michael Mikaelian, Margie Gobler and John Taylor of STI

The Hirsch Electronics staff at IFSEC 2007
At Hirsch Electronics' stand: Lars Suneborn, John Piccininni, an IFSEC attendee and Scott Howell

Hirsch's RUU Verification Station, designed for HSPD-12 projects, at IFSEC 2007
Hirsch's Verification Station can do multi-factor authentication, and was designed around the HSPD-12 government access control need.

UltraVision President Dennis Johnson displays their award-winning UltraSensor product at IFSEC 2007
Dennis Johnson of UltraVision Security Systems was proud of their buried intruder alarm sensor, the UltraSensor, which was recognized by IFSEC for "best new intruder alarm product".

Mango DSP's Oren Feldman at IFSEC 2007
Mango DSP's Oren Feldman

Mango DSP X2 video server for rugged environments
Mango DSP's rugged Raven X2 video encoding unit

The Mango DSP RavensNest can handle 60 video feeds at up to D1 resolution
Mango DSP's high-powered RavensNest unit can handle 60 D1 video streams and add IP-ready encoding and even analytics.

Doing business at the EverFocus stand at IFSEC 2007
Doing business at the EverFocus stand

Bosch Security had a strong presence at the IFSEC show
As would be expected, Bosch Security had a strong presence at this UK security tradeshow.

At the show entrance - IFSEC 2007
Smiling faces handing out booth bags at the ultra-modern entrance to the IFSEC show

Over at CSL's booth, promoting the DualCom intrusion alarm signaling devices
CSL made us do a triple-take; the company makes the DualCom devices for intruder alarm signaling.