ISC West injury report

So ISC West has begun. Day 1 went pretty well (I only tripped on the uneven carpeting twice, so that's pretty good for me). Although, I did manage to do something I haven't done at a trade show before--cut my finger. After making it through my 3pm appointment with a napkin around my bleeding finger, I asked around and learned that there was a medical office far off the show's floor, down a snaking hallway. It really was in a remote part of the Sand Expo Center and at one point during my journey to get there, I wondered if I had been led on a wild goose chase. However, I finally came to the end of a long hallway and reached a closed door that said, "Medical Staff Is In. Please Knock." So I knocked and a gentleman answered; he was the only one in the bright yet small, cramped room. I told him I needed a band-aid, and he politely got me one. I then asked him how many people had come to him with cuts that day, and to my surprise he said, "Your the seventeenth."

So there you have it, by 3:30pm seventeen people had visited the ISC West medical office for a band-aid. At that rate, probably 3 more followed me bringing the total to about 20 for the day.

Apparently trade shows are a dangerous business...