Relocating the Apps and Data for Security

Google, that little search engine that could, is app happy. Bear with me -- I'll relate this to security technology in a minute. Not content with becoming the dominant web search engine, or with making what is arguably the best online mapping interface...

So I suppose that looking out at what this Google Apps offering could mean for our industry, I think we're a bit far away still. Yes, our industry is already looking closely and starting to adopt web applications, but we tend to be naturally suspicious people: it's the nature of security, right? And until the point that we, as a collective consciousness, are comfortable hosting text documents and spreadsheets off site on 3rd party servers, I don't think we'll be ready to put important security data in the same model. After all, this is an industry that still uses VCRs (not as many as before, but they're still out there running). Letting go just isn't as easy as we wish it was.

In summary: Good one, Google, but still too early for adoption as a model in our industry.

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