The Secret Thoughts of TSA Screeners

Ever been standing in a security line at ATL, LAX, ORD, facing a TSA screener sporting a nasty look, a blank stare, a cheerful face (probably not this last one), and wondered, What on Earth are they thinking about?

I stumbled upon a Web site this morning that may give a little insight into this question. claims to serve the TSA screener community with screening-related news, advocacy, editorials, a comic strip, parodies and forums. Its opening banner reads "This is a private website not affiliated with the U.S. government ... so speak freely." 

The site was created by a military and law enforcement veteran whose wife worked as a TSA screener before leaving the organization with four official complaints in her wake. So is it unbiased coverage of this federal organization's news and operations? Um ... no. But it represents a side of the coin not often publicized, and it's certainly an interesting read.