More on retail parking lot security

Over the past several weeks, SIW has extensively covered retail security in the wake of this year’s Black Friday sales. The behavior of shoppers during these sales events has become even more abhorrent in recent years, but what we’ve discovered is...

Aguilera: Covert law enforcement activity in the retail sector during the holidays is a proven and time honored program. However, it is absolutely vital that this effort be an augmentation to a high visibility security program. While covert activity is generally very successful in apprehending those involved in criminal activity, it is the combination of both covert and high visibility security which typically results in the overall reduction of criminal activity.

SIW: Other than providing a physical presence, what are some of the other ways in which a guard can secure a parking lot? (E.g. providing escorts for customers and employees, etc.)

Aguilera: Escorts are an effective way of ensuring the safety of patrons and employees, however, it is not the most efficient use of security staffing. Many holiday security programs use elevated observation platforms to oversee areas of the parking lot. Perhaps posting these platforms in various strategic locations throughout the parking lot will prove a great deal more efficient and just as effective as personal transports.

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