Say goodbye to 2G

Telular Corp., Chicago, announced today that its line of cellular alarm communicators for residential, commercial and PERS is evolving to 3G, all for the same price as its 2G solutions.

“We’ve made the decision to completely eliminate 2G communicators,” said Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and development for Telular. “We’ve replaced the 2G communicators in our line with 3G so dealers don’t have to make a choice. We want our dealers to deploy 3G and we won’t straddle the pins. We know the value of moving quickly into 3G quickly and want to pass that along to the dealers,” Welsh said. He added that although 2G and GSM are going away, the technology that will certainly have longevity in the market is 3G solutions. 

“There is no technology currently being discussed that would replace 3G,” Welsh said. “A critical part of our story is that we are moving to the 3G communicators at the same price of 2G,” he added.  

As cellular networks transition from 2G to 3G over the next five years, Telguard’s 3G communicators will provide dealers with the latest technology that can survive the 2G Sunset  and protect their recurring monthly revenue (RMR). As a result of the 2G sunset, GSM and GPRS equipment will ultimately need to be replaced. Welsh said that the primary industry carrier indicates that the transition will be happening steadily between now and the end of the year 2016; he added that the transition is already affecting some markets.

For each month past January 1, 2012, that a dealer fails to fully adopt 3G, the financial impact of the 2G Sunset grows substantially because they are installing equipment that will need to be replaced. The key to minimizing the impact of the 2G Sunset is for security dealers to halt their growing base of 2G equipment needing inevitable replacement by switching to 3G-based products today. For more information on the sunset of 2G, visit To calculate the costs to the dealer who moves slowly, visit