AMAG continues mission to integrate

AMAG Technology Inc., Torrance, Calif., kicked off its 11th Annual Engineering Symposium in Florida with new consultant-specifier attendees and vendor partners.

The event is the largest to date, said Robert Sawyer, president and CEO of the company in his opening address. “Our direct customers are our integrators—that’s who we sell to—and we don’t ever sell to the end user. Our goal is exceptional customer service to all of our customers,” he said. Sawyer added that the company has upped its dealer training, which he feels is critical to AMAG’s continued success as well as that of the success of consultants and integrators.

Matt Barnette, recently promoted to executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, reiterated Sawyer’s commitment to the dealer marketplace, adding that the company’s enhanced training makes certain integrators are proficient on the products they install. Other enhancements and refinements continue to guide the company’s motto: Exceptional customer service. With that, Barnette spoke of a new engineering hotline for immediate answers to questions and a lifecycle management program that provides data to end users and customers on how products and services are working for them in the field and how they might achieve improved end results. In addition, the AMAG partner website at has also been completely revamped. “The integrator is always involved in our R&D and other processes,” commented Barnette.

New products, more coming

New partners at the conference include ASSA ABLOY and its total opening solutions and SRI International’s Sarnoff and its iris recognition quick read and enroll biometrics product. In addition AMAG used the symposium as a launch pad for new or soon to be introduced new products, including the Symmetry V7 Security Management System with Javelin smart card reader for management of access control and intrusion detection; as well as the Visualizer encoder which will also soon include video content analytics.

“Our approach is to be open,” said Barnette of the integrated video, access control and other products from AMAG technology and its partners. We want the user experience to be agnostic,” he said, referring to the fact that OnSSI and Milestone and Symmetry users see one unified platform, no matter the solution with the deployment of VMS. “It should look the same to the end user, no matter which solution they are using. You can have numerous VMS systems coming into the viewer but it’s one look for the user,” he said.