Libya consulate attack and the power of social media

Film on social media fuels killing of Libyan ambassador, and why security industry can't choose to ignore social media

So rather than choosing to ignore social media (and yes, I know a lot of you, like me, didn’t grow up with social media and don’t come at this stuff naturally), turn on the switch. Get an account. Make efforts in social media to improve your job, and use that effort to honor Ambassador Stevens as well as Sean Smith (a State Department information specialist), and former U.S. Navy Seals Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods (who were working for a private firm providing security protection). Remember that a movie that premiered in a theater back in June didn’t cause violence around the world until its trailer was fed into social media, loaded on YouTube and translated into Arabic. As of this minute, it’s closing in on 3 million views and 50,000-plus comments. You just can’t choose to ignore this anymore.

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