It takes more than one medium

Recent research has it that social media may be losing its initial luster. It takes time to build a presence and keep these avenues of communication fresh with new content.

While I may not agree with this fully; I feel social media will play an even more critical role in buying decisions in the future—we have to remember that there are many ways to get your company’s philosophy or brand across to your users or buyers.

So when I hear people say things like: “We don’t do print advertising; we’re only online, we’re focused solely on social media,” I think they are missing the boat. Because it takes all different types of communication strategies to get the message across today and that means a blend of different tactics to get the job done.

Of course, whoever is your major buying public will determine how you market yourself. Remember that the generation under 30 likes to look at Facebook and Twitter for recommendations. Systems integrators like to read print on their off time or weekends. End users may be more in tuned to the web or online sites to find products/solutions for their next job.

Don’t forget about the voice of the customer. Regularly ask your customers how they found out about you and what they liked or didn’t like about the customer experience, because in the end that’s what really matters.

At Cygnus Security Media we recognize that there’s lot of competition in our space—but really, there’s no one other organization that has it all—print, with SD&I, STE and Locksmith Ledger; an award winning website in SIW; conferences and shows; and an editorial team that presses on with social media and new and emerging ways to get our readers and advertisers noticed.

We recognize that there will always be competition—but do what you can to set yourselves apart—and mix up the mediums to get your message across successfully.