A fresh perspective on IT security

It’s a pleasure to join Cygnus and SecurityInfoWatch.com. I am honored to participate in providing commentary to the public on views and opinions that bring to light what I would refer to as the "practical side" of cybersecurity.

Through many of my years as a IT security evangelist,  I recognize the need to cut through all the rhetoric and come to a common ground on ways that we can collectively identify and defeat risk and vulnerabilities tied to cyber attacks, exploits, and miscreants who now consider  "hacking" as a profession. 

In my blog, I intend to share experiences and challenges from perspectives that can be translated into everyday use based on new and relevant topics. The focus of my blog won’t be re-tweets or regurgitated information found on news and other websites, however, I will definitely provide links as supporting information. 

Let’s start with basic security awareness and doing things personally to protect ourselves from cyber-exploitation. Then we can move into the larger scope of how we can protect our online identities at home and work, and eventually advance to the point where we can expand community and organization-wide knowledge and best practices that impact our ability to increase our cyber defenses against potential vulnerabilities.

Come back and visit often. You can contact me directly at darnellblog@securexperts.com.